England: July 2010 to date

  • Currently planning to join BE and start her UK competition season.
  • May 9th 2011 BHS Lecture Demonstration at Foxes Riding School: Step by Step – Unlocking the Potential of Your Horse. Pippa worked as an instructor at Foxes quite a few years ago and is delighted to be back here once again as a guest along with her horse! Further details »
  • Elected from 2010 as Training Officer for the NW and Wirral region for the BHS committees.
  • Produced Clinics for Retraining Ex-Race Horses at Foxes Riding School and Limes Farm; ongoing.
  • Published three editorials in 2011, in the Equitrader Magazine on an overview of working with horses in Hong Kong and looking at the retraining of ex-race horses there.
  • Commenced training for the Equiscan thermography veterinary diploma and developing the role of Equiscan After Care Performance and Development Trainer: www.equiscan.co.uk
  • Supporting adviser to Debbie Hattan-Nazarshah with www.goodappleequineuk.co.uk
  • Judging at unaffiliated competitions, Pippa discovered the joys of being the other side of the arena and hopes to apply to BD to train for higher listed judging in the near future.
  • September 2010 attended the Equinology Equine Body Worker Certification Course – internship, and is currently working on the externship before finally hoping to qualify.
  • Joined as a member of the F&I Association (Fellowship and Instructors).
  • Re-registered as a BHS Instructor.
  • Imported D’Or Win from Hong Kong.

Hong Kong 2006 – 2010

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" - Darrell Royal.

The original plan was for Pippa to go to Hong Kong as Club Manager in order to help with the relocation of Lo Wu Saddle Club to new premises. However this position and country opened up a range of opportunities that Pippa embraced and ran with:

  • Obtained BHS Approval and Where To Train status at Lo Wu Saddle Club.
  • Active committee member of the Hong Kong Pony Club.
  • Active committee member of the Training and Selection Sub Committee of the Hong Kong Equestrian Federation.
  • Listed 6 HKEF Dressage Judge.
  • Member of the Hong Kong Equestrian Federation as an ordinary member and a member of the National Development Squad as a rider in Dressage, Jumping and Eventing.
  • HKEF Show Jumping Course Designing course – John Valance FEI course builder.
  • Selected rider for the Richard Weis Dressage and Training Clinic who was invited by the HKEF to give a series of dressage lectures in Hong Kong.
  • Volunteer within the hospitality IFT (International Federation Tent) for all competitors, accredited teams and family members’ at all the Olympic equestrian disciplines.
  • Pippa and D'Or Win were selected as a guinea pig reserve rider for 2008 Three Day Event Olympic Dressage Phase (self produced ex-race horse); placed first in the FEI World Dressage Challenge at Novice 2007 and Medium Level in 2008, (2nd in zone 9); 2nd 2008 FEI World Jumping Challenge Cat. B (and in Zone 8); Winner of the 2009 HKEF Novice Event Horse of the Year.
  • Organised clinics with visiting trainers including a regular timetable with Tim Downes FBHS and attended HKEF seminars with Tim for dressage judging.
  • Attended FEI Stewards Seminar for jumping, dressage and eventing in preparation for the Hong Kong Olympics 2008.
  • Eight week ridden and management preparation for Good Luck Beijing SAR Horse Trials Test Event Competition for August 2007 to include: fittening in high levels of heat and humidity, dealing first hand with potential heat fatigue, feeding, quarantine, transport, tropical weather conditions, logistics, scientific gathering of data for 2008 Olympics.

Malaysia 2002 -2004

  • As the Equestrian Manager, amongst other things, Pippa arranged and implemented team building line management structure and systems for around 60 equestrian staff members involving in the vicinity of 180 horses of various breeds, types and disciplines.

Spain from 1998

  • Organised, designed packages and represented a Spanish riding centre at the British Equine Event 1998.
  • Obtained the invitation for the Leonardo Exchange Programme at the same centre and
  • Initiated the European Bid for the CD Rom student learning programmes.
  • Competed at various competitions in the south of Spain for both dressage on PRE horses and jumping.

Student Training

  • Wirral Riding and Saddlery Centre
  • Kellet Riding School – Ireland
  • Porlock Vale Equestrian Centre
  • Harrogate Equestrian Centre

Working in the Equestrian Industry Overseas: Hong Kong

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