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About Pippa Hattan

Pippa is qualified to BHSI level and is currently working towards her Fellowship.

She has gained valuable insights from some of the world’s best trainers throughout her career and has also worked with horses and riders overseas including; Ireland, Australia, Spain, Malaysia, Jordan and most recently Hong Kong.

Pippa achieved her British Horse Society (BHS) AI at 17 yrs, the BHS Intermediate Teaching and Stage IV at 19 yrs and the riding section of the BHSI at 23 yrs before heading out to Australia. She completed her BHSI in 1998 and then set off to Spain. She also attended Warwickshire College and completed the C&G Advanced National Certificate in Equine Business Management and Horse Performance Development.

Along the way, Pippa qualified as a Registered General Nurse and after 2 years nursing in the UK, she spent a year working in Saudi Arabia which was an interesting experience and great help towards funding her equine college course!

She has wide ranging experience with equestrian sports up to international level including: dressage, show jumping, eventing, endurance, and even a little polo!

Through this she has developed an understanding of many different breeds and types of horses such as: warm bloods, Lipizzaners, Andalusians, Friesian, Trotters, Arabs, Argentinean polo ponies, and most recently Thoroughbred ex-race horses.

Training For All

Based in Cheshire and the North West, Pippa covers the whole of the country in her work.

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To continue translating my lifetime’s experiences into an effective training methodology that enables horses and riders to achieve their optimal performance whether their goals are high level competitions or purely personal.